Our Goblin has fulfilled his purpose and made right the injustice that cursed him 900 years ago. But what now? Where do we go from here? God's mercy is not quite done with our characters as they make choices that span two lifetimes. Will their love see them through the intervening years till happiness is finally theirs? Join Taleena, Firnlambe and me, Wendilynn as we pour out our hearts over these last amazing episodes of  Goblin

Taleena: Can I say it? This drama was perfect. A huge round of applause to the writers because even though I had my list of “What We Need Resolved” last week, not only did they resolve everything, they resolved things we missed, tied up all the loose ends, did it without a ton of filler and tacked on dumb issues. Romantically. With Kisses.

Firnlambe: //sobs uncontrollably// I …. I ….. I still need time to recover from the emotional wreck that were the final two episodes. I may have finished them a few days ago but dammit, I was invested in this show so much that my Kdrama spirit is still broken and I’ve now resorted to watching  Running Man in an attempt of escaping post-Kdrama depression.

Wendilynn: When we got done with the amazing episode 13, I couldn’t think of how they would resolve all this. I just couldn’t see where they would go, especially as they were going to make Eun Tak forget. But, it was so wonderful how they filled in the rest of the stories. Grim and Sunny’s story really had a lot to resolve and I loved how they did it. I loved how things were made right for people in time. It was just amazing.

Firnlambe: Honestly I was worried it would end in a bittersweet fashion...right up until the very end I kept looking at the clock going; “ok--there’s 5 mins left how are things going to end happy…...oh God there are 2 mins left, this better be a happy ending--are they not going to resolve this??!?----Oh thank God”. These writers sure knew how to twist your feelings left then right, and then with no remorse.


Taleena: So let’s rewind a bit: One thing I completely appreciated was they didn’t overwork the memory loss thing. We got 20 minutes into the first episode and Goblin was back. End of the first episode and she was done with the memory loss. It helped that she was honest. She took chances. I thought, “Oh golly they are going to do some stupid thing where she would be waiting for “Kim Shin” and spurn the Goblin under his Yoo name, but nope. Just her ballsy and saying, “Yes. I like you.” and it getting resolved. So. nice.

Wendilynn: I like how they pulled off the memory loss and reconstruction. That God/Duk Hwa character was something else. Setting things up the way he did. However, my heart was being shredded the entire way. I found it funny that lines that we might have taken as throw away lines at the time they were said ALL had consequence during this period of time. When he had to go reclaim his position and mortal identity and such. Did anyone else laugh when he came out of that door in Canada and was surprised she was standing there? Nice Jim Carrey moment. Lol

Firnlambe: I really don’t have anything bad to say about any part of this drama. The moments they had together when Eun Tak was figuring out who this strange man was in her life, were all done with care and precision. Each character had their time to shine in Kim Shin’s new life, but they were careful to not reveal all their secrets right away. I for one was not expecting Sunny to remember everything. The fact that she lipped off to God in such an honest matter was hysterical, but the moments when she met everyone again and had to act like she was ignorant were heartbreaking to see. (W: yes it was)

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Taleena: I thought she had her memories, if only because of the fact that she held on to all of hers with Wang Yeo when he tried to razzle-mattazle them out of her. I object to Eun Tak leaving her pity party cake behind. If you have such undefinable sadness that you straight up EARN a pity party, eat the dang cake! Also, I have to say that when they called back to the Reaper sword of Damocles over Eun Tak’s head on all of her “--9” birthdays I jumped in my seat and said, “Crappity, crap, crap!” Now normally I wake up my dog with kdramas, but this time I was so loud I woke up the CAT and she is still mad at me.

Wendilynn: I’m with you on that one. As soon as I saw Grim’s face, I knew they were going to kill her. I was swearing at the drama gods for putting my heart through the ringer. I refer to these last 3 episodes as the most beautiful heart-shredding I ever went through. Lol


Taleena: Word. WORD. Goblin set the BAR for 2017. Normally, I am super tired of the kpop songs on an OST, but I have been listening to these songs on a repeat loop. OK. I am about to lose some fan girl cred here, but I finally see the mmmm... animal appeal of  Gong Yoo . I don’t really like  Coffee Prince and only liked parts of  Big , so it took this show for me to get aboard the Gong Yoo bandwagon. Plus, and I have said this twice already,  Dong Wook is back in all his shiny post “ My Girl” place in the pantheon of kdrama hotties.

Firnlambe: BIG!! (╯‵Д′)╯︵ ┻━┻ I would like for that to just be erased from Kdrama history. I’m sorry to those of you who liked it, but I hated it with a passion--so it isn’t counted in Gong Yoo’s filmography. But in regards to this OST, I fully plan on buying the complete track as soon as it is released on iTunes.

Wendilynn: Big’s problems had nothing to do with Gong Yoo’s performance. And I’m with you all that I will be buying the OST as soon as it's available. The music choices were so on point. Each song accented the scenes perfectly. It's good to see Taleena finally sees the benefits of Gong Yoo. lol Dong Wook was breaking my heart watching him quietly cry as he accepted whatever punishment he felt he deserved in his relationship with Sunny. His atonement really broke my heart and watching him cry was like watching crimes against nature.

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Taleena: I was moved that first, we had Grim sobbing brokenly when Sunny leaves (side note: I was a bit uneasy that she would off herself so as to be a Grim at his side. Was really glad she was so much smarter than he was.) THEN when Eun Tak sacrificed herself for the kids, Grim turned about and had to comfort the Goblin. Booyah! Big Book of Theories called it that Eun Tak would not be drinking tea all the way back in episode one. This whole show was about forgiveness and I loved how it showed that when you plant the tiny seeds of forgiveness it takes a while to reap the crop of... I am losing the metaphor but I think you get it. Something, something philosophical and profound.

Firnlambe: God, when Eun Tak sacrificed herself for those children…...my heart just broke. I was on my bed, watching on my phone, and was a complete wreck. Like the type of sobbing in which there were tears and silent sobs from me trying to breathe again. I was obviously more invested in our main OTP as I was not nearly as shaken when our King and Sunny parted ways.

Wendilynn: I really appreciated the underlying message of choice and responsibility. Goblin and Grim once discussed how much human decisions controlled what happened or if it was all pre-programmed fate. And I appreciated the message that it’s not all up to fate, but it’s up to the choices you choose to make in the middle of what God is also doing. I liked that there was continuity. Happily Ever After didn’t come immediately but with patience, it came. Maybe not the way one was going to expect it, but it came. I just loved the whole message. I also loved that we got to see how some of our minor characters ended up. The dancing CEO was still helping others the Goblin sent his way. The army guy was told the Goblin story by Grandma goddess so we know she’s helping him out. It was just adorable how they were wrapping up everyone’s story.


Firnlambe: I kind of wished we had gotten more closure for Duk Hwa though. He was there right after Kim Shin returned and his memories were gone, but I would have like to have seen him in the 30 years later portion of Goblins life . . . unless the man at the Canadian hotel was him. I couldn’t tell because he was not given an official title.

Taleena: Oh Duk Hwa! I rather loved CEO Guy giving him Dad-ly love life advice. Totally on another topic, though, I have one question about the wrap up: did we know that Eun Tak’s awful aunt was a ghost? Did we see her die and I missed it?

Wendilynn: Nope, not until she said she was a ghost, I didn’t figure it out. (F: same here)


Taleena: It was a nice way to take care of the Pushy Ghost Girl without resolving her ghostly angst then. Unlike DUMB Ex-Wife Roof Girl. So Annoying. Even with annoying Roof Wife, the show was so sharp and so tight in it’s pacing, the characters didn’t actively do dumb unbelievable things without adequate motivation. I am really glad I got to ring in the new kdrama year with this keeper. It goes on the shelf with Master’s Sun and Arang and the Magistrate .

Firnlambe: I agree. I will be buying this …. It may cost me at least $100 but dammit it was spectacular and I must own it.

Wendilynn: And that wraps up this last drama club for this amazing show. We hope you enjoyed this drama as much as we did. Until next time!

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