Our Goblinest Hero’s heart has given some painful lurches as he realizes just what he is going to miss out on when he passes to the great beyond. Consequently, he is terribly emotional for a couple episodes. Fortunately, Eun Tak is quite good at calling him out on his BS. Join Firnlambe, Wendilynn and Taleena as we talk episodes 5-6 of Goblin.


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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Wendilynn: These episodes kept me all teary. Forlorn Gong Yoo is hard on my heart. He went from not being ready to being ready and the heart and pain in his eyes was almost too much.

Firnlambe: I agree. I was also no expecting the twist that Eun Tak can see the sword but not touch it. I thought things were progressing a bit too smoothly for the third week.

Screenshot (116).png

Taleena: In spite of Death’s total awkwardness, everyone was using their words, which makes things run smoother until the dramagods pull out the rug from underneath us.

Firnlambe: Well except that the role of the Goblin’s Bride is still not being explained to said bride. I’M SORRY!! I have to say it because it will forever drive me crazy until she understands. All she thinks is that Kim Shin will become “pretty” once she pulls the sword (¬_¬).

Wendilynn: They actually addressed that this week. Or at least acknowledge it. We at least know Goblin knows he’s putting her in a terrible position by not telling her. Was it just me or did it seem like Grim wasn’t actually happy to have Goblin die yet.

Taleena: Is she really struggling in ignorance? Maybe she doesn’t precisely know what will happen, but she is such a weird mix of ingenue and wise woman that I don’t know what to expect of her. You think she stumbling along clueless and then she pulls out some knowledge on him. I think she knows it will be momentous and suspects something more. I think she will translate her pilfered diary and KNOW.

Firnlambe: I wouldn’t put it past her. I’m not saying she’s dumb by any means, but it’s heartbreaking to me that she has all of these expectations for their relationship when it’s a 95% probability that the relationship will end in tears. That being said….did anyone else notice the joke they made when Eun Tak and Death were deciding on his name? She suggested he use Park Bo Gum, which happens to be a play on words for a “precious sword”. I still crack up because it helped fuel Kim Shin into their shouting match where he declared himself her boyfriend?

Wendilynn: I think she’s aware that all is not all well. He spends too much time being melancholy about the whole thing. But as you mentioned, when push comes to shove, he sees her as his. She belongs to him as his bride. You can tell he doesn’t really want her to be in that role, but he also can’t seem to be without her.

Taleena: Well, the only reason he doesn’t want her to be in the role is because he suddenly has realized what a raw deal she will be getting. I think the only reason that she can’t grab the sword is that neither of them are wholly committed to the love thing. Look, he started to feel his heartbeat and fall in love with her, and THAT’s when the sword started to hurt. I take that to mean that the more emotionally invested he is, the more the sword is manifest, the closer she gets to being able to pull it out in his sad field of buckwheat flowers. I think it is the same ‘magic’ that triggered his ability to see her future. She is the antithesis of all the other mortals, so it makes sense to me that the more he loves her, the more of his powers will manifest around her making him vulnerable.

Firnlambe: I vote we add that into the Big Book of Theories for the show. I can totally get behind that logic since it makes.

Wendilynn: I happen to agree with you on that theory. Right now, that sword is illusory and until it becomes more concrete, she won’t be able to pull it out. Which I think is why she kissed him like she did.

Screenshot (122).png

Taleena: Ellie died from squee-ing so hard. She wouldn’t take a breath. RIP. Well, okay she didn’t die, but she DID fall off the couch and kept yelling at Gong Yoo to “Close your frickin’ eyes and kiss her DUDE!!!11!!!” I was /much/ more reserved and only hooted loudly enough to make even my teen boy yell, “What?!” from the other room.

Firnlambe: I can honestly say that the more I watch the show the more I become comfortable with this “Oppa” Romance, or whatever the equivalent to Noona Romance is. So many netizens are throwing hissy fits over the age gap, but I think they are being very tactful with how they are approaching it all.

Wendilynn: Absolutely they are handling the age gap well. He views her as a child and doesn’t want to overstep that. He’s been very appropriate. When he was finally able to see her future for a moment, it really was a heartbreaking moment. Although, on a side note, I loved seeing her wearing that Heroine/Ingenue shirt. I thought that was a funny moment, and I”ve noticed all sorts of neat statements being made with the clothing.

Taleena: They are not the only “Oppa” Romance going on here though. Death and Sunny, Chicken Nugget (side note: yes I know I am forcing the couple name. No, I don’t care.) have been more humorously dealing with Death’s own complications with the whole non-aliveness thing. I must say I about died when his phone went off while invisible. Really, Death and phones brought the humor this week.

play store.gif

Firnlambe: That was a lot of fun. His face when he realized what was going on was great. I also got a kick out of the whole phone situation. From Death being unable to grasp the technology, to Kim Shin thinking he was all knowing and then thought the “Play Store” was a real location. The writers worked wonders with this plot bunny.

Wendilynn: I laughed so much with the google play bit. Goblin acting like he knew what was going on, but neither of them knew what an app store was was just too funny. And Grim’s innocence really allows for some silly moments. But Lee Dong Wook’s performance just is so on point.

Taleena: I don’t agree that the names that women like most are Hyun Bin, Kim Woo Bin, and oh what was the third? How can you not have So Ji Sub?! I see what you were going for show, yes it was funny, but I must defend the SO Ji Sub fandom to the end.

Screenshot (119).png

Wendilynn: I kept laughing when he introduced himself as Kim Woo Bin. So funny. And of course, Sunny isn’t having any of it.

Firnlambe: I wonder when she’ll be able to see him whist wearing the Death Hat? That’s still a thing right? I didn’t hallucinate that from the teasers did I?

Taleena: No, you didn’t hallucinate that, her fortune-teller told her. I honestly thought Grim’s brain fell out when he almost ran into her on the bridge, she’d see it and then the jig would be up, but no dice.

Well our couples are steadily running towards each other. Goblin is getting closer and closer towards ending his immortality but snags are dead set on getting in his way. Will Eun Tak be able to overcome these sudden problems or is Kim Shin doomed to an eternal life? Over on the other spectrum of relationship hardships, Chicken Nugget seems to be on some shaky ground as well. Will everything work out ok for our lead couples? Do you have any theories we should all be privy too? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you next time for episodes 7 and 8.

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