Welcome back. Things get cranked up a few notches this week. Truths are finally revealed, memories are trying to work their way back….and is that heartbreak I see on the horizon? Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe and our Guest commentator Aunnie, as we discuss all the crazy shenanigans that went down during episodes 7 & 8 of Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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Wendilynn: This was a trip of a week. First she couldn’t pull out the sword and then once she could, all hell broke loose.

Aunnie: Considering Goblin lives with a grim reaper, I had expected him to handle looking death in the face with more decorum, not fling her hundreds of yards and total sum 30 cars!

Firnlambe: Ok well to Kim Shin’s credit that was because he panicked. He just came to terms with the fact that he loves her, and that he wants to stay in her life. So when she suddenly (and randomly--seriously what shifted) is able to pull the sword he just wanted her to stop. SIDE NOTE!!! SHE KNOOOOOOWS!!! //tosses confetti in the air// She finally knows the truth! It only took them 8 episodes but dammit now she can finally make educated decisions.

Screenshot (149).png

Wendilynn: But they complicated it by telling him he needs to die or she dies. Cause their love doesn’t have enough complications in it. However, I have to say that clean up scene with Duk Hwa and Grim was hilarious!!

Aunnie: Honestly, I was surprised she found out in 8 and not like...14! Let’s be serious, reveals like that tend to happen much later however, I am excited to see the angst that is about to make up the show next week--I’m sick, I know Firnlambe. Furthermore, any scene with the Grim is hilarious, he’s by a small margin, my favorite in the show. But I’ll admit, the pushing of Duk Hwa and saying “I love you” to keep the house was pretty entertaining. Grim + Annoyance = Happy Face

Wendilynn: For once Duk Hwa wasn’t an annoying creep. He was honestly hurt at the idea of losing his Uncle and that made me like him better. However, I have to agree with you about Grim. He’s just so adorable. He’s sometimes like a little puppy dog you just want to snuggle. Especially as he tries to deal with his crush on Chicken Beauty. However, learning that our Chicken Nugget couple is our tragic King/Queen/Little Sister really puts things into perspective.


Firnlambe: I adore Duk Hwa...always have...his character is just the right combination of a spoiled chaebol and an immature little brother. Grim is adorable, but that scene with him honestly attempting to say “oppa” was hysterical. It wasn’t even one try...he did 3 different takes each more serious than the last. As for Chicken Nugget’s romance, I’m more invested in our OTP. //ducks and dodges debri from Aunnie//

Aunnie: ….We’re in a fight, although we do agree about Duk Hwa. I’ve always liked him. He knows who and what he’s about, it’s better than being totally oblivious to being a chaebol bum. Although I am invested in the OTP . . . I’m more invested in this bromance than anything. They’ve got a perfect combo of frienemies going that I adore their scenes. But back to the episodes, aside from the tragic reincarnations, I have a real hatred for the woman in red. Can we all agree that she’s “God”? Can we also agree that she’s out to get these handful of people.I hope she turns out to be a good person in the end but at the moment...she’s...deplorable.

Screenshot (146).png

Firnlambe: I wouldn’t go so far as to say she is deplorable.

Wendilynn: I don’t see her as deplorable. I was surprised that she’s a top God, although, I don’t know enough about Korean mythology to know if she’s THE God or not. But, her plans seem a little convoluted considering she deliberately set up our two couples. What are her ultimate plans for this foursome? She isn’t evil, we know that much because she simply does too many good things helping our Goblin do his job. So what is her plan in all this? Because it's clear she has one.

Aunnie: All I can say is that after the last few dramas I’ve watched, I can’t watch another sad ending where the main couple don’t end up together . . . I just can’t. *spoiler* Uncontrollably Fond ruined me. Side note: Goblin was absolutely frightening when he was dealing with the mad biker with a death wish! And the moment of panic on the Grim’s face when he realizes what’s-her-face is on the bus. I love it when our characters can pull of ridiculous and serious.


Firnlambe: I loved that scene on so many levels! First the Grim Reapers are gathered en masse so you assume shit is going to go down, but then Goblin swoops in….buys up all the socks he could ever need...and ultimately saves the day while giving our Death Gods major headaches. I also really enjoyed the fact that our resident Grim Reaper is so comfortable around Eun Tak that he actually waved back before realizing he shouldn’t have since he had his hat on.

Wendilynn: Those Grim Reapers are an interesting bunch. I also agree that scene was pretty fascinating. A bunch of people were supposed to die and they didn’t. Now they all have special cases to deal with. The delicate dynamics being shown between humor and serious matters as they deal with life and death is part of what makes this show so amazing to watch. I don’t really know another show that deals with this in this way. Although, when the grim reapers ditched our Grim on the check, I wanted to punch them all. I guess they really all were bad guys at one time.

Screenshot (124).png

Aunnie: Yeah, it’s hard to think of them as all having done something so heinous that they ended up as Reapers. This show does an incredible job bridging the subject of life and death. The fact that Grim can in one moment be helping a little girl into heaven and then tiptoing into his bed for some restful sleep (only to be disturbed a few seconds later) is pretty good. The writing is done extremely well. You can feel bad for some characters and still feel happy for others.

Firnlambe: I want verification that Sunny is the Queen reincarnated and Death is the King. This is the only explanation that makes sense to me on why that ring affects them so strongly.

Screenshot (129).png

Aunnie: I wasn’t under the impression that Sunny (who is Goblin’s sister) was Queen in the past life. I thought she was just...a court jeste--I mean--lady. But Yes, I think that Grim and Sunny are both the King and Sister

Wendilynn: At first I thought they could have gender swapped, but the show didn’t really want us going that route so they played it for us. That was an interesting move on the writer's part. I love when shows anticipate where our thinking will go and uses it. I think little sister was the Queen, and if she wasn’t, then she was a concubine of some sort. The King wanted her and wanted Kim Shin gone and dead. However, it makes for an interesting back story for our Grim Reaper because we know he’s really a sweetheart. And the frenemies aspect between him and Goblin is adorable because they like and loathe each other in pretty equal measure. How does that change once memories are returned?

Firnlambe: Wait so if Kim Shin is able to recognize a person’s past (see the forced coffee shop magic romance bit) wouldn’t he already know Death’s past life? So does this mean he is pretending to not know, or is it since Death has no memory no one else is able to see it either?

Wendilynn: I think the mind wipe is a pretty complete thing which makes him a blank slate. Also, they are both immortals and maybe it only works on mortals?

Aunnie: Good questions. Alls I can say is that he’s going to lose his cheese when he finds out who everyone is. I mean, I don’t think he holds a grudge against the King (he’s better than us all) but I don’t think he’ll take kindly to the Grim having the hots for his reincarnated sister who he murdered in cold blood a few hundred years ago.

Firnlambe: I didn’t even think about that outcome….lmao OMG that is going to be an epic moment.

Wendilynn: I don’t see him wanting to deed his house over to Grim anymore after all this. Lol

Finally everyone is on the same page, but for every step forward there’s a step back . . . truths were answered and yet, more questions were asked. Will Kim Shin figure out a way to end his curse but still keep Eun Tak alive? Can our Grim Reaper piece together the puzzle that is his memory? Is Sunny the key or is there a factor we haven’t been shown yet? Let us know what you thought of these episodes and we’ll talk to you in Episodes 9 & 10.

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