A connection has presented itself in the past life of Sunny and our gentle Grim Reaper. As he starts his investigation, he finds no answers, only more questions. Who was he and how is he connected to the Goblin and Sunny? We get a few more hints about the twisted past and can Eun Tak and Goblin find a way to make their love work without either of them dying? Join Firnlame, Taleeen and I, Wendilynn as we discuss the twists of turns of these episodes.


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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Taleena: It’s good to be back! I have so many questions and so many things have been revealed, but I have a giant pat on the back for the show creators. Thank you, thank you for sparing us some unnecessary back and forth between Eun Tak and Kim Shin! I know that you couldn’t cut out pretty boy baseball guy completely, but I appreciate the fact that he has not truly been elevated to Second Lead Inevitable Heartbreak. The fact that you spent your show minutes focusing on the the relationships we care about: Chicken and Grim, Grim and Goblin, Chicken and Eun Tak, and now Chicken and Goblin?! Slow Claps for you writers. Keep the focus!

Wendilynn: I have to agree with you. The writing in this show is brilliant. Then you add excellent acting on top of it, it makes for a wonderful show. I love how a scene can go from silly to heart tugging in just a few lines and it doesn’t feel forced or unnatural. They keep to the storylines that matter and I’m just enjoying all of it.

Firnlambe: I really hope, since we have been given such major clues to everyone’s full backstory, that we get the remaining answers soon. Example: Which King is death really? Is his the older brother that was poisoned? Or was that a flash forward to the young King all grown up?

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Taleena: I am pretty sure that was the King before the one that killed Goblin. The one which told him to marry his sister off to the new young King. I think this show is going to be as much about the restoration of Grim’s relationship with Goblin as the love storylines. The tragedy here is that Goblin and King’s relationship was subverted by Evil Minister. Sure both King and Goblin made mistakes in hubris, but it was twisted by outside evil machinations. Both are being punished for the Queen’s death and only a righting of those relationships are what can bring about redemption. This is a lot deeper than I originally thought and I love it. This show is really reminding me why I like Dong Wook as a romantic lead.

Firnlambe: Ok, I thought that was the case too (death being the poisoned King)...but then this question came to mind. Why would Death be so emotionally torn up over looking at Sunny and then again when looking at the painting of Kim Shin’s sister if he was the older one? By the time she looked the way she did in the painting the older King had already died and so he would not know what she looked like.

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Wendilynn: Grim is our young king who killed his first love and her older brother. He was very much in love with his young bride and only the machinations of Evil Minister who had taken the role of father in his young, neglected life ruined everything. I was all set for hating the king and I was feeling conflicted with the thought that our adorable puppy Grim could have been such a heartless greedy killer. But, now that we know his backstory, we see the tragedy for what it really is. Our King was as much victim as assailant. And I agree with Taleena that both are responsible for the death of the Queen and they have to rectify that. I really have to wonder what Grandma God has in mind for all four of our leads.

Taleena: Yeah, what Wendilynn said. All these troublesome pronoun attributions. Heh. As to what Goddess Pantsuit is up to, I think it obvious that she thinks the only way forward is through absolution by suffering - that is the current game plan of Goblin’s Bride removing sword and bringing about the end of his immortality. Goblin has been in a type of Purgatory, all his loved one’s dying. He has saved people and suffered their deaths and has ‘earned’ his right to pass on. However I think the writers have heavily hinted at how we have a happily ever after - the “magic” of the human heart and will to triumph over fate. I am beginning to think that the vision Goblin had of 28 year old Eun Tak is her calling /him/ Chairman. He will turn mortal and settle into his chaebol Happily Ever After with her.

Firnlambe: God I hope so. I don’t think I can handle watching our Gobin die so Eun Tak will live. Speaking of deaths, I’m pretty sad that Grandfather is going to pass soon...I mean -- I knew it was going to happen, but the sadness that Duk Hwa is going to suffer is ultimately going to tug at my heartstrings. I can already tell

Wendilynn: I was all set to dislike Duk Hwa and then he went and cried all over the potential death of Goblin and my heart melted. I know he won’t take his grandfather’s death well. And oddly enough, that makes me like him better. I was amused that it was Duk Hwa’s contact with Pantsuit Goddess that helped them find Eun Tak when she took off. I was really taken back by the butterfly finding her and then suddenly Duk Hwa knew where she was. I was like, what sort of connections does this boy have?

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Taleena: The connection between Duk Hwa and Pantsuit Goddess is amusing me to no end because my mind is providing a whole off-stage Noona Romance between those two. He is such a piece of sometimes charming, more often than not aggravating, swaggering ego, that he is the sort that needs a Noona romance to straighten him out for womankind. (W: ROFL!!)

Firnlambe: Dude…..that would be one major Noona Romance gap. I mean if you think the Goblin and Eun Tak have a huge age gap. Pantsuit Goddess and Duk Hwa’s must be astronomical.

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, I’m cracking up at the thought. Was anyone else surprised when she revealed herself to Goblin? Informing him that she wanted Eun Tak to live and the only way for her to do that was for him to die was harsh. But, she’s proven that everything she’s done has more than one purpose, so that has my thoughts turning. I just don’t see Eun Tak willing to kill Goblin just to save her own life while Goblin loves her enough to force the issue. It's a quagmire.

Taleena: I was not terribly surprised to see the reveal. This show has been pretty good about explaining things and she has never had a problem rebuffing Grim on Eun Tak’s behalf. I think that we are going to get a “there might be a way” branch of hope held out to Eun Tak and Goblin, although I doubt it will come from Goddess Pantsuit. I actually think it will come from a ghost or one of the Grim coterie, because Grim is going to be looking for answers about him and Sunny. They had two seemingly throwaway slash jokey scenes: 1) the guy looking for a bathroom in Grim’s teahouse. 2) The Grim who found his soulmate and absconded with her that the rest of the Grims were gossiping about. I think we will have a combo of Grim’s research plus Ghost-version Chairman providing the chance at happiness.

Firnlambe: If a ghost is the one who discovers this branch of hope, then I’d like it to be another Ghost like the one lurking around Eun Tak at the library. I loved that scene so much. I was not expecting it at all and so the fact that she lingered to watch over her friend’s daughter was so endearing to me, but I really hope that we don’t get a Ghost-version Chairman. I’d like it if he was able to pass on without any lingering attachments.

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Wendilynn: I loved the library ghost, too.

Taleena: I have to give a shout out to the best Heroic Leek buying scene ever. I just want a that Hero’s Walk (with Super Leek Power!) playing on a loop in my life somewhere.

Wendilynn; That was a hysterical scene. We should all hero walk to get vegetables lol

Firnlambe: That was probably my second favorite scene behind Kpop Dancer Extraordinaire. I just love the bromance those two have...you could see the excitement in their faces when Eun Tak brought up how cool they were during their rescue. I was expecting the epic walk shot, but I not expecting the leeks and so I bust a gut laughing.

Wendilynn: This show goes from humor to heart tugging in such wonderful ways. I also laughed myself silly when they made the Coffee Prince/Gong Yoo joke at the fortune teller’s. Sunny really needs to stop going or actually listen to her.

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Taleena: We probably won’t get Ghost Chairman, I was just thinking they might have had another purpose for him dying other than heart string tugging. I am not sure where, if anywhere, this storyline with the Chairman dying, Interim Chairman/driver/Company fixer guy, and Duk Hwa’s part time job is going. Maybe it is just the usual No Really Life Goes On! filler we get while the ostensible company heads go through major life changing events, but I hope they have actual parts to play in the story. Of course I’d love it if Fixer Guy is the reincarnation of Evil Advisor. Cue music sting: Dum dum DUH!

Wendilynn: I thought it was cute when the Chairman informed Mr. Secretary that nobody who works close to them is random. You could see that took him back and then when he sat down with Goblin to discuss handling the inheritance with the Aunt, they had a chance to clear the air between them. It was a touching moment.

Firnlambe: Fixer Guy being the Secretary...aka Kpop dancer extraordinaire!...yes? (T: yes.)(W: falls over laughing) I’m pretty certain he is the reincarnation of Evil Advisor. Which is why Kim Shin was so invested in getting him out of the loan shark world.

Taleena: Except Kim Shin can only see futures. Grim is the one that sees pasts. Kim Shin can obviously see his sweet dance floor moves.

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Firnlambe: Yes but they have the same face for this reincarnation…..or at least it looks like they do to me lol ….. see now you have me second guessing myself.

Wendilynn: Was it the same actor? I hadn’t noticed at all. The beard changed his look completely. Well, that adds a new dimension to everything. Geez, this show is deep.

Taleena: I don’t think so. Browsing deep into the actor page, okay not that deep, I see two different actors. Jo Woo Jin as Sec. Kim/AKA Smooth Moves and Kim Byung Chul as Evil Advisor (I think).

Firnlambe: Damn . . . well I’m still convinced they are the same soul.

Wendilynn: I don’t buy that one, but it's still an interesting thought and wouldn’t suprise me at this point. You’d think Evil Minister would have ended up as a Grim, himself, considering.

Taleena: Who says he hasn’t? Although, I think Grims are reserved for those who murder out of passion and they regret it deeply, versus straight up power hungry baddies. Regret is the key. I am drawing on my extensive Grim Reaper knowledge from Arang and the Magistrate here.

Wendilynn: As Goblin so eloquently put it, We all regret when it comes to Death.

Our love connections become more intertwined and it's becoming murky just how we’ll get through all of it. Are our suspicions correct? Join us for the next episodes as we see if more of our questions are answered.

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