A talented Korean artist has been producing some pretty awesome sketches and uploading them onto his social media, where he's been getting attention from all corners of the world for his recent drawings of everyone's favorite Goblin characters. Once you see his work, you'll get what the hype is all about. 

Without the internet, and without social media, all of us would never even have a clue about all the creative and talented individuals all around the world. Despite the problems that come with being constantly connected, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. The positive power of social media, for example, is that any of us can share with the world our lives, our thoughts and feelings, and most importantly, our passion. One Korean man who can attest to this is artist Kim Sung Moon, whose pencil sketches of Korean stars and their scenes from K-dramas, most recently of Goblin and its cast, have gained him fans from countries far and away.

To think that the artist did all this with one mechanical pencil is simply amazing. Besides Goblin stars and other Korean celebrities like G-Dragon and IU, Kim also draws Hollywood stars and adorable little animals, all of which you can check out on his Instagram

So many talented artists, all around the world.