Do you miss your lovable GoblinGong Yoo?

The 37 year-old heartthrob is finally getting his chance in the CNN spotlight following in the footsteps of fellow top stars Lee Byung HunBIGBANG, PSYBoA, athletes Kim Yu Na and Park Ji Sung. The popular news network filmed an exclusive interview with him to be apart of their Talk Asia series. The talk show, which focuses on prominent figures in arts, politics, sports, and business, chose him because of the immense popularity of Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. His interview is scheduled to be aired at the end of the month.

I'm surprised CNN hasn't jumped at the opportunity to interview him before now. Gong Yoo basked in K-drama popularity in the past. No one can forget the impact Coffee Prince had on his career a decade ago! Of course, he is loved for some many TV dramas and movies like BigOne Fine DayFinding Mr. Destiny and Silenced

What Gong Yoo production made the biggest impact in your life? 

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