Goblin: The Lonely and Great God may have ended last week, but with the success of the show, expect to see more of the drama’s stars! Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na rekindle their well-loved chemistry in a new mobile application commercial, and it even includes a quick reference to the Grim Reaper and Chicken Restaurant Owner relationship.

In the two version of the 30 second commercial, the pair live about their daily life, partying and shopping with the help of the mobile application Liiv Mate, made by KB Kookmin Bank and LG U+. While many of the scenes are shot individually, the two reunite at the end of the commercial by holding hands and running off together. As a treat to Goblin fans, in version B, Lee Dong Wook can be seen watching and laughing over a scene in their recent hit drama where Grim Reaper prevents Kim Sunny from falling over. Of course, because it’s a mobile commercial, this scene is altered to show Yoo In Na holding onto a cell phone.

Watch and enjoy the two commercial clips below!

Version A:

Version B:

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