In the February issue of Elle Korea, Goblin's Lee El showed a side of herself not many have seen before, sporting various Reebok fitness outfits in her stunning looks and super-fit body. Continue reading to check out her photos from the magazine's sporty and stylish fashion shoot.

As seen in the photos below, Lee El is no stranger to fitness. Sporting a number of cool outfits from Reebok, the 34-year-old actress shows off her physique in a number of chic photos or Elle's February issue. Despite her busy schedule of television drama, variety show, and film commitments, it definitely looks like Lee El has been making fitness a top priority. There's no wonder she looks so natural in Reebok's fitness line, she looks like a professional athlete in tiptop shape!

After her role as Samsin in one of TV's most popular dramas, Lee El may find it harder and harder to find time to work out as she gets busier with her acting career. But like all dedicated fitness enthusiasts, she'll probably find a way to get herself to the gym, no matter how difficult it gets.


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

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