The two year wait is over!

One month before Yook Sung Jae embraces his role as Yoo Duk Hwa in the supernatural series Goblin, he and his BtoB boys plan to release their 9th mini-album New Men. Teaser photos of the seven handsome singers seemingly trapped behind ice were shared on their social media accounts today. 

Their promotional single "I′ll Be Your Man" is about a lovesick guy who prays to stay by his ex's side. New Men, which hits stores on November 7, promises to be a fan favorite with a special song dedicated to their fandom and every track on the album was produced by the members. 

Following Sung Jae's roles on School 2015 and The Village: Achiara's Secret, the 21 year-old idol returns to his K-drama loving fans in Goblin on December 2. His music comeback and drama filming are sure to keep him extremely busy clear through early next year. I hope he gets a little downtime for some much needed relaxation.

Are you excited for Yook Sung Jae's double duty this season? 

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