The greatly anticipated drama "Goblin: The Lonely and Great God" is finally here and off to an amazing start! With its first two episodes airing last Friday and Saturday, fans have already been set abuzz with admiration and excitement! The drama even set a new record on the content power index easily beating out previous hits such as "Decedents of the Sun." With such notoriety, however, comes some very interesting fan of which compares Yook Sung Jae with a...'squid'?! Read onto find out why a fan of the drama would call the dashing Yook Sung Jae ...a tasty...but ugly sea creature.

On Sunday, after the smash opening of "Goblin", a fan took to Twitter and posted,

“Yook Sung Jae is an ojingeo next to Gong Yoo. Now I understand why people are crazy about Gong." ('ojingeo' = squid)

While to fans of Yook Sung Jae this post may seem overly disparaging, those familiar with Korean entertainment slang might have picked up on the comment's implication that while Yook himself might be handsome in his own right...he still pales in comparison to Gong Yoo. 

The use of the term 'squid' -- to refer to mediocre to ugly men in the Korean popular vernacular -- began to catch on after the release of the movie "The Man from Nowhere" (2010), in which lead Won Bin shaves his head, but still managed to capture the hearts of movie goers with his dashing looks. The film was soon followed by a sensational meme of a couple, in which after the girlfriend becomes enamored with Won Bin's looks finds that she is no longer able to see her boyfriend as anything but a disgusting squid. 

However, most fans would likely agree that neither Yook nor Gong could possibly be considered anything close to a 'squid'.

(GIF from Tomorrow's Cantabile 

Do you also think that Yook Sung Jae is a 'squid' next to Gong Yoo? 


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