The push to remake popular Korean dramas as American shows continues, with God's Gift — 14 Days joining a list of dramas that includes My Love from Another Star and Answer Me 1997 that have American versions in the works.

According to a representative from SBS, the Korean broadcaster has finalized a remake deal with the massive Hollywood agency CAA (Creative Artists Agency). CAA will sponsor the show and provide the talent for the series, and Thunderbird will act as producers. 

The 2014 Korean series stars Lee Bo Young as a mother whose life is torn apart when her daughter is kidnapped and murdered. When she suddenly gains the ability to go back in time to two weeks before the event, she has to race against the clock to stop the tragedy from happening.  As part of the remake deal, Choi Ran, the script writer for the original Korean drama, will be working as an executive producer on the American version, which is always a good sign. 

As far as other K-drama remakes go, My Love from Another Star was picked up by ABCAnswer Me 1997 was picked up by FoxCBS has the rights to Good Doctor, and a pilot for Nine was in production for ABC in 2013. In all of these cases, whether or not the show actually makes it to American television depends on whether the eventual pilot wins a coveted spot in the network lineup. Boys over Flowers also had an attempted American remake, but, unlike these other examples, it was financed by fans and didn't have major network backing.

K-drama fans (myself included) often hate the news of a Hollywood remake, but I have to say that a thriller like this one may translate better as a remake than other dramas would. We also know that CAA has the resources to do this drama justice. As a reference point, CAA has worked as either creators or executive producers on dozens of big-name shows, including 30 Rock, Lost, House, and the CSI franchise. They're also stuffed to the brim with Hollywood talent, with A-list actors, directors, and writers working with them.

What do you think, drama fans? Would you be willing to give this series a shot, or do you want to stick with the original? If there is an American remake, who would you like to see in the leading role?

If you haven't seen the original thriller, you can see the series below: