Park Joon Hyung and Jackson Wang have to be idol brothers.

On today's broadcast of Kim Shin Young's Hope Song at Noon, the g.o.d member was a special guest. The topic of variety shows came up during his radio interview, and the 47 year-old idol listed who he felt were his best partners on-screen. 

Of course, comedians Yoo Jae SukKang Ho Dong, Kim Jae Dong, and Shin Dong Yeop made the list, but he also admitted to being very relaxed around the popular GOT 7 rapper. The DJ joked that Park Jin Young, who is GOT 7's boss and g.od's former supervisor, produced two. 

Park quickly responded by stating that the 22 year-old star mirrors himself when he was younger. "When my family actually saw Jackson, they said the way he thinks is just like me when I was 19 years old. We have the same thoughts, even when we're just drinking water out of a cup."

The sunbae and hoobae seem to get along great on the second season of Roommate. Who knew they were indirectly twinning? 

Do you see similarities between the JYP Nation idols from different generations? 

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Dispatch


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