In Japan, turning 60 years of age is a reason for acknowledgment by others and celebration for the individual. The number signifies an accomplishment, proof of perseverance, and many more good years to come. So when one world-famous Japanese citizen reached the special number, some local government officials conducted a ceremony in his honor, and the guest of honor was proudly in attendance. His name, and you've probably heard about him, is Godzilla.

Setagaya Ward, one of the 23 wards of the city of Tokyo, was where GodIlla was born, at Toei Film Studios. So in a way, Godzilla is a son of Setagaya, and the local government decided to celebrate his kanreki, or 60th birthday. Godzilla, at this point in his life, is a worldwide icon, and Setagaya Ward officials were more than thrilled when Godzilla himself showed up at he ceremony to accept his certificate and gifts. He has, after all, lived an extraordinary life. What's more, he's showing no signs of slowing down.

Life is fleeting, and living 60 years is an milestone for anybody. Even Godzilla.


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