Nana, a giant mannequin in Nagoya Station, is now in Godzilla's possession! But commuters and local residents don't seem too shocked, and there's a reason.

Usually, Godzilla's giant hand ripping through a wall and taking a giant mannequin hostage would be a big deal. But not for the people of the city of Nagoya. Nana, a giant mannequin who has become a popular meeting spot for Nagoyans, is known for constantly changing her style and outfits to go along with certain promotions or campaigns. From donning wedding dresses to promote local wedding plans to wearing the Chunichi Dragons' baseball uniform to support Nagoya's professional team, Nana will get behind anything. Sometimes, she'll dress up just for fun, too.

So this time, when she got stuck in Godzilla's grip for the promotion of the new Hollywood film coming to Japan, the people of Nagoya, who are by now used to seeing Nana and her crazy transformations, aren't THAT blown away.

Yes, it's true. People do get spoiled.

Let me introduce you to Nana, Nagoya's giant fashion mannequin:

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