At the press conference for her new romantic comedy, It's Okay, That's Love, on July 15, Gong Hyo Jin looked radiant after her recent car accident, but she also revealed that not only did she undergo two surgeries for her injuries, she also received mental-health care to get over the trauma she experienced after the accident.

On June 19, Gong Hyo Jin suffered serious injuries when the car she was riding in was involved in a three-vehicle accident. She required surgeries for her fractured arm and injured knee. Despite the injuries, she had to resume working as soon as she could.

At the press conference, Gong Hyo Jin said, 'I started having a sleep disorder after the accident. I'd wake up from sleep almost every 10 minutes, and I started having fear toward driving and riding in cars. I never expected that such an accident would happen to me.'

She has more understanding now for people who have had an accident or lost a loved one to an accident. She explained, 'I started thinking that many people must have gone through a hard time because of cars and had to consult with psychiatrists. Things got a bit better after taking medicine. I have no sleep disorder now.'

She also described her positive experience with her psychiatrist, and said taking medication for mental health should be no different from taking medicine for a physical ailment. She said, 'I think that making a trip to a psychiatrist is not so much different from visiting a doctor because of a cold. I thought that many people might get concerned about my mental condition, but my physical and mental condition got much better thanks to them.'

It's commendable for Gong to openly discuss her mental-health care as a result of the pressure to continue filming while she was still recovering from injures to her elbow and knee.

At the press conference, scriptwriter Noh Hee Kyung talked about tackling the issue of mental health in the show and wanting to break the bias that people have toward this issue. Noh said, 'About 80 percent of the nation has some mental illness symptoms, and about 20 percent should consider taking prescribed medication. It came to my attention that people seem to equate mentally ill people with criminals.'

The new drama stars Jo In Sung as an obsessive-compulsive writer and Gong Hyo Jin as a psychiatrist, and it will feature several characters with various mental health issues being portrayed in a sympathetic way.

It's Okay, That's Love will premiere on July 23rd.

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