gonghyojin Actress Gong Hyo Jin answered frankly when she was asked about to true emotions that come into play when portraying a character in a melodrama. During KBS Radio CoolFM KimC's Music Show, she said that she believes it's a lie when an actress says she doesn't feel anything for a male actor in a melodrama when she's playing the role of his romantic partner. Gong Hyo Jin said, "It's not like we meet each other once or twice, we work with them for months. It is true that feelings do form but those feelings fade away in the span of two weeks after the drama ends." She also playfully added, "If you meet them in a public area, you realize that they are completely different from the characters they play." Meanwhile, the actress will be appearing in the movie Old Family as Mee Yeon, a divorcee. The movie will be in theaters in September. Do you believe it when actresses say that they don't feel anything for their co-actors, or do you think there's always a little romance? (Source: http://www.tvdaily.mk.co.kr)