Gong Hyo Jin (It's Okay, That's Love) and Jo Jung Suk (Oh My Ghostess) are hard at work on the set of their upcoming romantic comedy Jealousy Incarnate, which comes from Seo Sook Hyang, the writer of Pasta and Miss Korea.  

This is Gong Hyo Jin's second time working with the writer after her classic role in Pasta. The series is a romantic comedy that takes place at a broadcast news station, and she is taking on the role of Pyo Na Ri, a weather caster with a poor background who takes a part-time contract at the station. She craves love, and she has a hard time saying no to others. She dreams of becoming a star weather woman, but she is treated more like an assistant. 

Jo Jung Suk is playing Lee Hwa Shin, a "perfect man" news anchor. He's smart, handsome, and skilled at getting to the bottom of any story with his determination. The two will meet and fall in love in unlikely circumstances. Jealousy Incarnate is described as a comedy about competition, jealousy, and love.

The drama held it's first script reading ten days ago with the full cast and crew, including Go Kyung Pyo (Answer Me 1988), who is playing a millionaire, and is now filming at full speed.

Jealousy Incarnate will be premiering in August! Add it to your queue now! 


Jealousy Incarnate

Starring Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Jin

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