Gong Hyo Jin, star of upcoming K-drama The Master's Sun, recently shared a super creepy picture of herself on the set. From what I can see she looks to be sitting on a bed in a child's room or maybe even her own room. With stuffed animals close to her, she's sitting there holding a huge knife and wearing a lace-trimmed night gown with the words "Jesus Save Me" in big red letters. In one photo she's looking right at the knife and in the other she's looking at the camera with a sort of "matter of fact" expression on her face.

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gong hyo jin

To be totally honest between the "Jesus Save Me" gown and cross she's holding in one of the promotional posters for the drama, I'm starting to get nervous! I was all-in for this drama and still sort of am but not if its going to be one of those religious based horror storylines because I CANNOT! Ever since I watched the Exorcist years ago and couldn't sleep properly for a month afterwards, I've refused to watch anything that involved those kinds of storylines. However, I'm extremely excited for this drama and the trailers are excellent so I have to watch it no matter what! Just make sure to follow me on Twitter to keep me from chickening out! #SupportMe

'The Master's Sun' is coming out soon so make sure to set your drama alert by clicking HERE!

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