Current kdrama, "The Greatest Love" has been receiving much love lately, and since the drama has wrapped up, lead actress Gong Hyo Jin (Pasta) shared some of her thoughts and opinions on filming the popular drama. Gong Hyo Jin was asked who she preferred as her ideal type from a personal perspective and not as Goo Ae Jung. Would she rather have the popular actor Dokko Jin or caring Doctor Yoon Pil Joo? She answered “As someone who is over 30 years old, I would prefer someone nice and who can love me. I would choose Yoon Pil Joo. However, I understand why women love Dokko Jin. He's fantastically attractive. However, he would drive me crazy as a husband." What do our "Greatest Love" fans think? Dokko Jin or Yoon Pil Joo? When Gong Hyo Jin was asked about her role as  a "hated celebrity"  she responded, “At first, I thought I should act as a hate-able character, but I changed my mind...I thought it could have negative impact on celebrities. The Hong sisters (who also wrote "You're Beautiful") wrote a script that was based on comedy, but it also has pain and sadness. It was difficult to act, but very fruitful.” She continued, “I thought about how to convey the truth, rather than just acting as a hated celebrity character. I wanted to let everyone know that celebrities also have feelings.” Ironically enough, Gong Hyo Jin has been named one of the most lovable leading ladies of romantic comedies despite her "hated celebrity" character, earning her the title of "Queen of Romantic Comedies" over other actresses such as Yoon Eun Hye (Coffee Prince, Lie to Me), Sung Yoo Ri (The Snow Queen, Romance Town) and Jang Na Ra (My Love Patzzi). Is Gong Hyo Jin truly the "Queen of Romantic Comedies" or do you think otherwise? Source: Naver