In a recent photo shoot and interview with High Cut MagazineGong Hyo Jin revealed that she often turns down dramas where the heroine doesn't have some kind of hardship she has to overcome.

She said, “These days, most of the dramas have a love story included. But rather than playing characters that simply find love at first sight, I want to play a character that grows in the drama. Maybe that’s why I take on roles that go through some kind of hardships. 

She continued, "Sometimes when I’m reading scenarios, I find characters that have no potential for growth. The character would simply pursue her love and that’s it. A girl that’s a nobody meets a cool guy and lives happily ever after. Instead of that, I want characters that start from the bottom and grow. It needs a clear story of how the character developed.”

Here most recent drama It's Okay, That's Love certainly demonstrated her commitment to playing complex characters who grow. We can't wait to see what new roles she takes in in 2015! 

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