On SBS's Good Morning, Gong Hyo Jin appeared, and honestly voiced her worries about her own future in acting, “Getting into my 30s, I thought until when can I act in romantic-comedy genres?”

She elaborated, “I would like to do one drama a year but if I don’t like the script then I wouldn’t take it. So that’s why, after The Greatest Love two years had passed and I started to feel anxious.”

Regarding The Master’s Sun, she said, “It’s a relief that I chose without regret. I think I should be responsible for choosing a project well and building up my filmography.”

Netizens who came across Gong Hyo Jin’s comments said, “I think a lot of actors would feel the same,” “I’m glad that I get to see you even though it’s late” “Gong Hyo Jin’s worry, will get to see one’s path as you get older.”

Gong Hyo Jin is currently portraying Tae Gong Sil in The Master’s Sun.