At the beginning of filming It's Okay, That's Love, actress Gong Hyo Jin was involved in a three-car accident that left her with a fractured left arm and various cuts on her face, arms, and legs. Soon after, the actress admitted to needing psychiatric treatment for mental stress caused by the accident, but it seems that she put off physical rehabilitation to continue filming the drama.

Now that It's Okay, That's Love has concluded filming three months later, Gong Hyo Jin will be able to focus on healing her remaining ailments in physical therapy. She will begin treatment on the 11th, which is the same day as the drama's finale.

A drama rep stated, "Even though [Gong] Hyo Jin was injured, she didn't show that she was hurting at all to the cast and staff, and worked hard throughout filming so we are very thankful to her."

Did you notice how they worked her injuries into the script of It's Okay, That's Love when her character slips and sprains her arm during her vacation with Jo In Sung?

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We hope Gong Hyo Jin recovers well and that she gets rest before her next drama, which we will all be looking forward to!

If you haven't yet seen one of the best dramas of the year, It's Okay, That's Love, watch the first episode below.

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