Gong Yoo fans (especially Canadians) listen up! We have an exciting update on Gong Yoo's upcoming drama, Goblin. 

While The K2 was partly filmed in Spain, and Descendants of the Sun was partly filmed in Greece, turns out the cast of Goblin will be partly shot in Canada. The drama is fantastical romantic-thriller about a Goblin who wants to shed his immortality and is looking for a human-bride but ends up living with a grim reaper. 

We can only imagine how the stunning landscapes of Canadian rockies will serve as the perfect backdrop for this fascinating narrative. So if you're in Canada or close to it, make sure you stay tuned for Goblin updates and a potential shot at spotting the cast that consists of actors like Gong Yoo, Kim Go EunLee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na!