Korean actor Gong Yoo plays an immortal with great powers in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. It turns out that in real life he is a descendant of Confucius, the revered great teacher and wise man in ancient China. Where does Gong Yoo fit in the world's longest family tree? Another Korean actress also shares his prestigious ancestry. Who is she? Find out more from Gong Yoo himself.

When Gong Yoo recently visited Taiwan for his fan meet, he was questioned about the report that he was a descendant of Confucius. Gong Yoo happily confirmed and humorously replied, "My parents wouldn't have lied to me, would they?"

Probably almost everyone knows about Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC) as the great educator, philosopher, and statesman in ancient China. His real name is Kong Qiu (孔丘) and is respectfully saluted as Kong Zi or Kong Fu Zi in China. When Western missionaries arrived in China hundreds of years ago, they were stunned to learn that China was already an advanced civilization with many great thinkers. They translated Kong Fu Zi as Confucius, a respectful format in Latin.

Confucius is so revered in China that despite changes in dynasties over thousands of years, his family has remained mostly protected. The family, therefore, has kept a continuous family record. in 2005, it was acknowledged by the Guinness World Records as the world's longest family tree, which has documented over 2 million descendants and about 86 generations.

Gong Yoo is from the 79th generation among Confucius's descendants. The Korean branch of the extended family is traced to Kong Shao from the 54th generation, and it is also the only non-Chinese branch acknowledged in the Confucius family tree.

Although their last names appear to be different in English, if you look at Gong Yoo's name in Chinese characters, 孔劉, you'll see that the family surname, , is the same as that of Confucius's name: 孔丘

Can you guess which Korean actress is also a descendant of Confucius?

Korean actress Gong Hyo JIn is from the 81st generation. That would make Gong Yoo's rank equivalent to her grandfather's generation! Her Hanja name in Chinese is 孔曉振.

According to Gong Yoo, the two popular actors are very close friends. In addition to sharing the same family ancestry, they also belong to the same agency. The beloved actor said, "She is really a great friend. Be it about acting or personal issues, she has given me much help and advice."

No wonder Gong Hyo Jin showed up in Gong Yoo's Hong Kong fan meet held on May 6. 

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