It seems that just like me, Gong Yoo has never really gotten over his classic K-drama Coffee Prince! While it's nearly ten years later, he can't help but compare his upcoming drama Goblin to it. 

At the first script reading for his new fantasy romance, Gong Yoo stated, “It’s already been 10 years. I’m not sure if you will believe me or not, but the drama would have meant as much to me whether or not it did well. Everyone in Coffee Prince wanted each other to do well. No one was selfish, and it was a set where we all had fun. That kind of atmosphere is hard to come by, and to have experienced it as an actor, I am very thankful. I hope [Goblin] is the same.”

Aww, Coffee Prince is personally my all-time favorite K-drama, so I love hearing how much it meant to Gong Yoo too! The chemistry between all the characters was so real, and it seems that that was because the actors really loved each other in real life. 

The cast of Goblin, which includes Kim Go Eun(Cheese in the Trap), Lee Dong Wook (Bubblegum), Yoo In Na, (One More Happy Ending), and Yook Sun Jae(School 2015), is made of amazing actors whose other projects I have also loved, so I have every confidence that he will see the same atmosphere on their set.

Goblin starts filming this Thursday and will premiere on tvN in December. Are you looking forward to Gong Yoo's K-drama comeback? 

I think I'll marathon Coffee Prince again in anticipation!


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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