It's Gong Yoo's birthday and we're celebrating with his yummy Domino's Pizza cf's! Gong Yoo re-joined his BIG cast mate Suzy to tell the world about Shrimp Scampi flavored pizza. The pizza actually looks pretty good, with huge pieces of shrimp, cherrys, and other delectable flavors tossed onto it. I wouldn't just order it on my own because it doesn't really appeal to me, but since Gong Yoo is telling me I have to order it well then; a large shrimp scampi pie please (-_-).

gong yoo

Check out this video of Suzy scarfing down a slice of scampi pizza acting as if she hasn't eaten in days. Gong Yoo just appears out of no where at the end!


In this video Gong Yoo is literally posing on the kitchen counter while eating his scampi slice.


This final video shows Suzy describing the pizza toppings and Gong Yoo appearing at the end adding just hotness to the cf.

&list=UUrDYPLah4QRsqEZVvWQ6t7g KrisE! @K_Kisses-KrisE