He is according to the clothing brand Mindbridge, which just signed the BIG star to another year of being their spokesmodel. This will make the fourth year Gong Yoo has represented the brand. Because he's tall and has a great body, the brand considers him the ideal for women, but are they just being biased because he's their model? Since I feel unsettled with this claim, it only makes sense to go all Prosecutor Princess-style on this, and gather a body of evidence to either prove or disprove Gong Yoo's level of hotness.

Here we have Gong Yoo giving serious aegyo

Next a simple smile

Here he is being the professor you've always wanted.

Oh look, here he is doing the sexy casual Friday look for Mindbridge.

The final submission of evidence, proving that shirts were not meant to be worn by him.

Now that we've gathered all the evidence and can judge properly, is Gong Yoo really a woman's "Ideal Type?"

Make your claim to jury in the comment box below!

Krise! @K_Kisses_KrisE