Goblin: The Lonely and Great God star Gong Yoo may be tired, but he is not sick, his management agency SOOP Entertainment has confirmed.

Rumors about his supposed poor health condition began when fans on Chinese social media channel Weibo posted that the actor looked unwell. A media outlet there took the rumors and published a story about it, thus spreading the misinformation.

On January 11, his agency cleared up the rumors and updated the public on the actor’s true health condition:

"The reports about Gong Yoo's health is false. It's true that he's been tired lately wrapping up filming [for Goblin], but he does not have any severe health issues at all. Chinese fans showed concerns and wrote on SNS that Gong Yoo does not look too well. A Chinese media outlet then reported about Gong Yoo's health issues, but currently he's doing his best to film Goblin."

As filming for the hit tvN series is still in progress, naturally the lead actor is tired, but, to be fair, so is the entire cast and crew with four more episodes to go.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos released a week ago to alleviate anyone’s worries about his health: the staff is absolutely doing their best to make sure he’s being taken care of – and staying warm!

Image cr: SOOP Entertainment & tvN

Good to hear and see he's doing well! 


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