She's available.

Angel Eyes actress Gu Hye Sun is choosing to focus on her personal goals at this stage in her life. Since entering her thirties, Gu has become more focused on her career and direction in life. She discussed her current dating status on SBS Power FM's radio program City Town.

During the program, Gu disclosed that she didn't have a boyfriend, and her interest in dating had waned over the years.

"I have other interests than just men. I'm focused on my obligations and myself. I'm interested in dating if the opportunity presents itself, but I'm not sure," she responded when DJ Gong Hyung Jin inquired about her single life.

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She is currently taking a break from filming dramas with the release of her upcoming movie Daughter. The Boys Over Flowers star wrote, directed, and starred in the film about the tough life of a middle school girl.

She and actor Lee Sang Yoon made such a cute couple on Angel Eyes this past spring. Her Cinderella story on Boys Over Flowers made drama lovers all over the world swoon. Hopefully, her real life prince comes soon.