To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, plans have been underway for a new reboot to premiere sometime this year. Yesterday, the specifics were announced via press release, with Toei Animation giving fans a glimpse of the new Sailor Moon on its website.

Sailor Moon fans all over the world, rejoice! It's been officially announced that the new Sailor Moon anime, titled "Sailor Moon Crystal," will premiere in July of this year. According to the just-released images, she seems to be a little more provocatively dressed than before, pleasing fans who thought the previous Sailor Moon animation was marketed more for children and had departed from the original illustrations of the animator in the manga series, Naoko Takeuchi.

The creators have stressed that Sailor Moon Crystal will not be a remake of Sailor Moon, but it will be a brand new series. All hardcore fans seem to want the manga to come to life, and it looks like that's what it will be.

Fans have a little less than four months to get excited. Anyone, anywhere in the world can watch, as Sailor Moon Crystal will stream live on niconico at starting in July.

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