Popular romance drama, My Love From Another Star, is reportedly under consideration for a possible extension. The production company has confirmed the report, but says it has not finalized a decision.

According to Korean media reports, because the drama series missed one episode earlier due to Lunar New Year programming, the final 20th episode will broadcast on Wednesday, Feb. 26th. However, the next drama series, Three Days, won't start until Wednesday, March 5th. Therefore, SBS TV will be without a program for Thursday, Feb. 27th.

Possible options include extending the drama to 21 episodes or having a special behind-the-scenes program. The more profitable choice is to extend the show to 21 episodes. As revealed by someone who works at the production company, there is a possibility for extension, but it will involve many factors, so there is no final decision yet at this time.

Either way, I want a happy ending for Do Min Joon and his crazy-in-love actress! Just look at those tears brimming in his eyes the moment right before he revealed his impending departure.