Gary is leaving Running Man to focus on his music career. “We’ve decided to honor Gary’s plan to invest more time in music. We thank Gary, who’ve worked hard for Running Man, and wish him all the best,” Running Man shared yesterday. They added that Gary has asked to be let go since earlier this year. Gary joined Running Man on July 11, 2010. Gary films his last Running Man episode on Monday, Oct. 31. Son Ji Hyo recently gave her statement about the departure of Gary. 

"This is something I have absolutely no say in, but, when a colleague decides on his career path, I'll root for him," Song Ji Hyo said at the press conference for My Wife's Having an Affair This Week today. "I'm sad because we've been together for seven years, but I'll always be his colleague, rooting for him. Please keep Monday Couple as a piece of memory."

Song Ji Hyo

This is the first change of cast in Running Man sine Song Joong Ki. Song Joong Ki left Running Man in 2011, 10 months after joining the show, to focus on his acting career.

Rissang, Gary’s hip-hop duo, released its eighth and latest full album, Unplugged, in 2012. Gary raps in Rissang and also composes. He’d composed Brown Eyes’ Don’t Go, one of the very popular ballads in K-pop.

Don’t go, Gary! Just kidding… We hope to see Gary soon (perhaps in We Got Married?) and look forward to Rissang’s new album!

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