Lee So Yeon is getting married this month, and she has the photos to prove it!

The Temptation of an Angel actress has found true love in real life with a handsome businessman two years her junior. Duo Wed, which is a wedding consulting company, recently shared photos from their breathtaking shoot. Lee radiated in her stunning white gowns for the pictorial. Their ardent love for each other was apparent on-set by the adoring way they looked at each other.

“They’re so considerate toward each other. The entire mood of the photo shoot was so lovely," a Duo Wed representative said. "The groom thoughtfully prepared earrings for the bride especially for the photo shoot. The motifs on the earrings have a special meaning for them because they signify their love story.”

Stars Byun Jung Soo, Park Kwang Hyun, Im Jung Eun, and Kang Sung Yun will all sing songs congratulating the sweet couple at their wedding. Her fellow Temptation of an Angel co-star Bae Soo Bin will host the private evening ceremony at The Raum in Gangnam on September 12. Husband and wife plan to spend their romantic honeymoon in Hawaii. 

Congratulations to the happy couple! One of South Korea's beloved actresses has finally found her perfect match. Where did she find Mr. Right? Lee recently told InStyle magazine she met hubby on a blind date. "I don't normally do blind dates, but my little sister brought us together. We hit it off right away like we knew each other for a long time."

Watch Lee So Yeon in Temptation of an Angel:

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