GOT7's BamBam gave us all a heart attack this morning. On Twitter, BamBam replied to the fans' questions through the GOT7 official Twitter account (@GOT7Official), signing each post with "bambam." He totally flirted with the fans, calling them "baby girl" and "bae" and scattering heart-shaped emoticons everywhere.

Fans were totally swooning at BamBam's unexpected Twitter replies. BamBam called The Simpsons anime, which made fans laugh so hard. Let's see some of their responses on Twitter:

"I still can't believe bambam called a fan baby girl lmao I hope she is still alive and breathing" (@6sugod) 

"Life goals: get a tweet like this from BamBam" (@smhjimin)

"I want a boyfriend like bambam" (@k7fkghan)

"What we learnt from the got7 fan meeting: bambam thinks the simpsons is an anime" (@ultcoups)

BamBam was one of the trending topics with over 139,000 Tweets this morning.

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