GOT7 is breaking their two-year Running Man hiatus!

The Dream Knight stars are doing an amazing job with their international tours and solo projects. They deserve some playtime on a fun variety program like Running Man. The SBS show recently confirmed via social media that the group will be guest starring in a upcoming episode.

"It's true about GOT7. It's GOT7. What did they do with Running Man? GOT7 returning as a full group soon," the show wrote on Instagram. A friendly photo of the group accompanied the post.

This will be their first group appearance on Running Man since November 2016. The young heartthrobs are planning to release their third studio album Present: You on September 17. Teasers are currently being released for the album that promises to have one song in four different languages, and solo singles produced by the members.

The last time we saw a GOT7 member on-screen was Jinyoung in the rom-com" target="_blank">Magic School.

Are you happy the guys will be making their Running Man return soon?

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Source: Via Image Credit: JYP Entertainment