Got7's Jackson Wang may be known for his character, but in the latest episode of Roommate his label president Park Jin Young, better known as JYP, had a surprise that no one was expecting and it moved Jackson to tears.

Being an idol is stressful and they certainly don't get to see their families often with their packed schedules. Knowing that Jackson has been going through a rough time because his mother is ill, JYP asked Jackson to record a video message to send to his mother in Hong Kong. Just as visibly upset Jackson finishes his video, JYP mentions he brought his a present and the door is opened to reveal Jackson's mother. After Jackson see her, he starts crying again and move quickly across the room to hug her. They are shortly joined by his father for a very tear-filled, yet happy, family reunion. Watch the video below:

Everyone in the room was moved to tears, even the members of the band that came to play the music for their holiday special! Park Joon Hyjng of G.O.D. pats JYP on the back to let him know he did an amazing thing I think we can all agree!

Were you also moved to tears seeing their reunion? Isn't is great that JYP is so invested in his group's members as well as their families? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!

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