sikgaek_newsToday we uploaded Gourmet, a light-hearted comedy in which food is life and the kitchen is a battlefield. This was one of the most popular dramas in 2008.

Don't be fooled by the historical setting of the first few scenes of this drama - Gourmet is a modern comedy set in the realm of the top echelon of Korean culinary arts. Kim Rae Won (of Love Story in Harvard and What Planet Are You From?) lights up the screen as boisterous, light-hearted chef Sung Chan, who after being adopted as a child by famous chef Mr. Oh, grows up in the world of cooking along with Mr. Oh's son, Bong Joo (Kwon Oh Joong). Bong Joo, a head chef, expects to inherit his father's famous traditional restaurant when his father retires, but instead, Mr. Oh, who has been keeping on eye on Sung Chan's culinary skill as well as his own son's, promotes Sung Chan from an assistant to a chef, and announces that his successor, instead of going to his oldest son as is tradition, will be decided by a cooking contest.

Bong Joo, feeling betrayed by his father, grows jealous of Sung Chan, who has made more than one enemy in the kitchen with his ill-contained enthusiasm and unconventional ways. During the course of the competition, something happens which profoundly impacts the two brothers, making Sung Chan leave behind the restaurant and cooking in favor of a travelling life as a food peddler, choosing the best local ingredients and selling them, while Bong Joo, after an initial crisis, becomes even more determined to succeed and win the contest. Will Sung Chan ever return to cooking? And if he does, will their rivalry destroy the relationship between the two brothers? Who is truly the more gifted? Nam Sang Mi costars as Sung Chan's love interest, an adorable, quick-tempered would-be reporter who becomes an assistant at the restaurant, while Kim So Yun rounds out the cast as Chef Oh's consummately professional manager and Bong Joo's love interest.

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