[caption id="attachment_37544" align="alignleft" width="397" caption="Minho and Han Ji Hye"][/caption] Yoo Seung Ho's Flames of Ambition was one of 5 series that raised the hackles of South Korea's broadcast standards board, which put restrictions on programs deemed "unethical." Although Ambition had been getting a lot of attention for its intergenerational romance, violence was what set off the board (full story, including spoilers, is here). Scenes involving Shim Eun Kyung's character's involvement in a car accident, discussion of rape and scenes of physical abuse got the government's attention. Other series hit for bad language and other infractions included the popular Giant. Lee Byung Hyun will make his first appearance in a Japanese drama next year, guest starring in Fuji TV's adaptation of the film Diplomat Kuroda Kousaku. Lee will play a Korean-American, and speak all his lines in English in the new series, which begins airing in January. Hot hot pics from the drama special Pianist just came out, with SHINee's Minho going after Han Ji Hye in the bowels of a piano factory! The stars of Petty Romance, the sexy comedy set in the world of erotic manwha creators held a press conference in advance of the film's release early next month. Read more about the movie, which sounds hilarious, and see stars Lee Seon Kyun and Choi Kang Hee right here. East of Eden's Park Jae Hin is addressing accusations of draft evasion, even though his exemption for mental illness (he was diagnosed with schizophrenia) was granted back in 2004, and the statute of limitations on his case has expired. For now, it seems that most fans are supporting Park, who says that the investigation is an attack on his character and shows an insensitivity to people with mental illnesses. He says that he is willing to be retested, and if found fit to serve would voluntarily enter the military. And finally, It's Okay Daddy's Girl grabbed pretty good ratings in the series' first week, but the big surprise was who is tuning in: with a idol-packed cast featuring members of C N Blue, Super Junior and Baby V.O.X., the show's biggest audience so far is... women over 60 years old!