Some men come with a diamond ring, others with a bouquet of roses, but would you say "yes" if your boyfriend came to you with a GPS-drawn "Marry Me" proposal? A Japanese man set the Guinness record for the largest GPS drawing for his marriage proposal. Take a look at how he did it. What's even more amazing is how long it took him. And the answer was...

Yassan (real name Yasushi Takahashi) calls himself a GPS-drawing artist who has combined art with technology. He follows a pre-planned map to travel. He then downloads the GPS-logged data into a mapping software such as Google Earth to show the result.

In 2010, it took him 6 months to walk all over Japan to create his unique marriage proposal. The resulting image spells out "Marry Me" across the length of Japan, with a heart covering the island of Hokkaido.

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The drawing has been certified by Guinness World Record as the largest GPS drawing. According to Guinness, the drawing is 7,163.67 km (4,451 miles) long. 

Remember, Japan isn't one contiguous land, so he had to travel across the chain of Japanese islands using different transportation along the way, but mostly he walked.

Furthermore, he left his girlfriend for 6 months to generate the lovingly crafted Marry Me map. 

Fortunately, she said "yes."