What may not seem like a big deal in other countries is a serious situation in Japan. Vandals spray painted train cars on the Keisei Line, forcing the company to temporarily suspend service.

Graffiti is not an uncommon sight in Japan. Walls are tagged, street art is seen in certain neighborhoods in Tokyo and other major cities, and inside the tunnels of major roadways are a favorite canvas for graffiti artists. But when train cars start getting decorated, it's no longer fun and games. Well... it is for the artists, but not for the railroad companies.

Two incidents took place one day apart, one yesterday and another the day before. Yesterday's incident took place in Chiba, on the Keisei Line, a train that connects Chiba to the Chiyoda district in Tokyo. This line is of course packed with commuters living in the suburbs and working in Tokyo, both during morning and evening rush hours. The day before yesterday, a subway car in Kyoto was tagged.

Maybe it's not such an issue in a city like New York CIty, but in a country where it's almost impossible to find even one piece of trash on the tracks in most stations, it is dealt with immediately. Both railroad companies took immediate action. The Keisei Line went as far as to temporarily suspend service! Both train cars in Chiba and Kyoto are now safely in garages, getting painted over so as to be ready to serve the people.

Apparently, this train car tagging has been going on sporadically since late last year. With how seriously these railroad workers take their jobs, you kind of feel bad for them for having to deal with all this.