New series! In which we highlight some of our favorite parts from these series we're all so invested in.


I'm Sorry I Love You, often known as Misa for its Korean name Mianhada, Saranghanda, is a classic drama from the early 2000s, and is one of the better romances out there. The only role I've seen in which So Ji Sub doesn't walk around like a zombie but throws himself heart and soul into it, it also stars the fantastic, luminous Im Soo Jung, who is mostly too busy doing films to shoot dramas.

In 2009, QOOK TV did a survey of 500 people on the best drama kiss scenes from dramas after 2000. This one, from I'm Sorry I Love You, was rated #3, right after Coffee Prince and Boys Over Flowers.

This is such a tender, lovingly filmed scene. The camera lingers on Im Soo Jung's expressive face and captures the scene from every angle, highlighting her fragility and his gentleness. The two are outside some shoddy little bar, and Eun Chae, trying to comfort Moo Hyuk, has just reached up and hugged him. He, having experienced almost no love or comfort in his life, and having watched her suffer and be hurt numerous times herself, can't hold back anymore.

After she lets go, he looks at her like this-

MISA look

MISA touch

and touches her with absolute gentleness, as if she's a precious object that will shatter.

MISA close

MISA scene

MISA kiss

Tears slip down his face as he kisses her with aching tenderness.

MISA tender

MISA scene

MISA kissing scene

At first startled, she slowly rises on tiptoe to meet him.

MISA tiptoe

Tenderness deepens into passion.

MISA kissing scene 2

And the camera pans away to show them wrapped around each other in the alley.

MISA love

Definitely one of the best drama kisses out there.