Series in which we highlight some of the best drama kisses. Check out the previous post here.

Lie to Me, for its first five episodes, is boring and badly-written. Then, somewhere in between episodes six and seven, something happens. Actually, let me just describe my thought-process while watching this drama. Episodes 1-5: "Lala God this is so bad why am I watching this ugh even my braincells are bored" Episodes 6-7: "hmm. A bit more interesting maybe I won't drop this drama after all" Episode 8: "KANG JI HWAN AND YOON EUN HYE MAKEOUTS come to me my precious!!!!" After which I spent the rest of the drama in a puddle of goo watching what turned out, after one of the weakest beginnings in drama history, to be a surprisingly good, romantic drama, with unlawful amounts of lead-couple chemistry. Lie to Me is unlike almost any other drama I've ever seen, in that the drama-watching web/viewers in general were very quiet about and indifferent to it for almost a good half of its run - and then between episodes eight and ten, exploded. By the end of its run, everyone I know who watches dramas was into it. And it's because the drama got its act together and started dishing up some mind-bogglingly amazing romantic scenes.

The kiss scene in episode eight was given a specific title by the drama makers - the "cola kiss," was what sparked all this, and it will definitely go down in Kdrama history.  The Princess Bride, the book that the seminal 80s film is based on, gives a standard for rating kisses: affection x duration x purity x passion. I don't know how much purity there is in this one, but for the rest? It's got them all, in buckets. Rewatching this for the sake of this post, I was struck again by how great this scene is: there's laughter, passion, chemistry, affection, a great setting in the intimacy of his apartment with the sun coming through the window, and such a great lead-in with the use of the cola. It's also beautifully filmed. Having rewatched this, I realized that it's just as powerful out of context: definitely one of the most romantic kisses I've seen onscreen ever.

Lead-up/status of the relationship: These two have shared one kiss already, but both minimized it and pretended it was for the sake of keeping up the charade of them being a couple (you have to watch the drama to get it). They have flirted a little, have been dancing around each other for four episodes now, with growing romantic and physical tension but neither making a definitive move. Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye), depressed over the relationship not moving forward, had gotten drunk the previous night and accidentally given her cab driver Ki Joon's address rather than hers. The next morning she wakes up in Ki Joon's apartment. Highly embarassed, she tries to leave, but the two start chatting instead. She asks for something to drink and he pulls out a big bottle of coke, then as soon as her back is turned shakes it up. When she opens it, the cola shoots out and drenches her. He cracks up. She looks at him disbelievingly, then grins, grabs the coke, and starts spraying him too. Ensue adorable round of chasing each around around the apartment.

Ki Joon finally grabs Ah Jung and pins her hands behind her back so she can't spray him anymore. The two are standing incredibly close, soaking wet, and as physical attraction dawns, Ah Jung lets the (now nearly empty) coke bottle slip to the floor.

The two pull back a little, suddenly aware of how close the other is

Ki Joon leans in for the kiss

And Ah Jung pulls away for a second, and asks "Is this for real or is it acting?"

Looking down at her tenderly, he replies "This is real"

And goes in for the kiss.

Thorough kiss

Light shines through the window behind them and catches them in its halo (such gorgeous filming)

She says that he tastes good (don't go there, you people with your dirty minds, what she means is that he tastes like cola)

He smiles and asks if she's happy since this is her second kiss

She grins and responds that this isn't her second kiss

And pulls his head in and goes for another

Adorable shot of how she has to stand on tiptoe to reach him

And he is thoroughly into it

And we essentially get two makeouts in one scene

And there you have it. Easily one of the most romantic scenes in Kdramas ever.