It is like a wave when celebrities step into financial industries. We already knew Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake are trying to score big in the tech world, but did you know these Asian stars already made a fortune from their investments?

1. Zhao Wei (Viki Zhao)

Alibaba Pictures Group Ltd. regained the value lost in the aftermath of an accounting scandal, rising the most in five months as Chinese actress Zhao Wei and her husband bought a $400 million stake in Jack Ma’s film studio. The actress has taken a 9.18% stake. A box office star in Asia whose directorial debut, So Young, broke Chinese records in 2013, Vicki Zhao Wei now has so many different roles, a mother, an actress, a director, etc. Her new drama Tiger Mom will come to DramaFever exclusively on July 9th. 

2. Fan Bingbing

With her investments in the Tak TV listing application, she is the tenth-largest investor with 129 million shares. Tak television is the company behind Empress Wu, the hit TV series. According to the latest television company average price-earnings ratio of 59.09 times, as well as Tak television in 2013 earnings per share of 1.06 yuan terms, the market value of the shares held by Fan Bingbing will be more than 80 million yuan .

3. Angela Baby

 The Chinese famous actress Angela Baby founded venture capital fund Capital AB, and its first investment cooperation projects was for foreign terminals and HeyJuice. She will focus on and invest in the growth of Internet companies, trying to help startups by leveraging resources for development. She got really popular in the Chinese version of Running Man, if you haven't seen it, you can watch the movie on DramaFever now.

4. Bae Yong Jun

Bae retired from acting after 2007, but remains active as the chairman of management agency KeyEast. KeyEast entered into a joint partnership with JYP Entertainment in 2009, which eventually produced Dream High (2011), which put Kim Soo Hyun in the public spotlight. Thanks to Bae, On November 7, KeyEast announced its third quarter 2014 profit to be 2.9 billion won, up by 29.6% from last year. KeyEast said 60% of its 68.5 billion won in sales came from overseas activities. Meanwhile, Chinese Internet company Inc announced that it will invest $15 million in KeyEast to become its second-largest shareholderBaeYong-joon still owns 29 percent of KeyEast'stocks.

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