The Greatest Love Poster

This drama is shaping up to be quite an interesting one! Gong Hyo Jin (Pasta) and Cha Seung Won (Athena) star in this Hong Sisters comedy about an actress who's pretty much fallen from grace with the public, and an actor who's the hottest thing in town. Cha completely sheds his cold-blooded persona in this romantic comedy, and I have to say - it's pretty amusing to watch this guy cheer and dance (check out 0:14 in the second trailer). I think I would be staring at him oddly too if he did something crazy like that... In the drama, neither of the characters are really who they present themselves to be. Case in point, in the first trailer Cha's character Dokko Jin is threatening to kill someone. He's perceived as a heartthrob, but doesn't necessarily have the "heartthrob" personality of being uber-charming privately and publicly. Here's the first trailer with a translation below: Dokko Jin: "I'm going to kill you. Hello everyone! I'm Dokko Jin!" [Text: National heartthrob Dokko Jin] Go Ae Jung: "Even if I'm no longer popular, people still know who I am. I'm still a national treasure!" [Text: National treasure girl Go Ae Jung] Go Ae Jung: "I'll just...*hwaaack!*... Hello kids!" Go Ae Jung Voice over: "You're busted." Go Ae Jung: "You...are the king of jerks." [Text: Romance with the national treasure coming soon!] You know it's going to be interesting when it's a Hong Sisters drama. However, their second leads do tend to lag behind in the character development area, which is a shame. I loved Yoon Kye Sang in Who Are You? and Yoo In Na in Secret Garden. They cannot be wasted, I tell ya! Can. Not!