A Chinese man was unable to sleep because of a strange noise in his ear. The doctor found a live roach living inside his ear. How did this happen?

One early morning, 53-year old Mr. Sheng woke up hearing a strange noise in his ear. The noise was intermittent. He then developed a pain in the ear and started feeling dizzy. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and went to the nearby clinic. Doctor Lee checked and found there was a live insect living in Shen's ear.

Dr. Lee decided to use a pair of tweezers to break up the bug, then pick the body parts out of Sheng's year. The bug fought a valiant fight flapping its wings but was eventually dragged out. It turned out to be a one-centimeter long (almost half an inch) cockroach, and its legs, antenna, and wings were still twitching for a while.

The cockroach by this time had been in Sheng's ear for at least 9 hours, and it already caused his ear drum to be damaged and bleeding. The doctor advised Sheng to keep his ear away from water, and the ear drum should repair itself in a few days.

Wu Tai-Ping, a specialist at the Wuhan city's center for disease control and prevention, looked at the photo of the roach and said this was a recently hatched young cockroach. Roaches like the moist and warm environment and also like to hide in cracks. When this roach was hatched, it probably followed its instinct and went inside Shen's ear. Wu also said that as it is winter now, there shouldn't be many cockroaches around. There must be a lot of roaches living at Mr. Sheng's house for him to get one into his ear.

The lesson is, keep your house clean or you may get a cockroach living in your ear!