According to a recent survey by Statistics Korea, around 40% of Koreans don't think marriage is a big deal. This number reflects a jump from 2010, when around 34% said marriage is really optional, and a continued overall upward trend of people being indifferent or against the issue.

The survey asked women and men over the age of 13 what they thought about marriage, and the number of women who said "Marriage is good, but not getting married is okay too"  was much higher (43.2%) than men (34.4%). If you were to break it down by age group, 30-somethings were the most indifferent at 50.7%, and the 60+ age group was the most for it at 20.8%. 

Netizens surprisingly seemed to back these results, with some saying the following:

"It’s hard for me to live by myself. It’s way to much to think about marriage."

"The funny thing is that the more money a woman makes, the more inclined she is to live the bachelorette life."

"You can only get married if … you have money."

"Get rid of this fantasy about marriage… If someone is lonely and then gets married, will they really stop being lonely?"

"The conditions for a society where marriage is possible are not in place."

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