It's OK Daddy's GirlRising star Moon Chae Won returns to dramas in the delightful family drama It's OK, Daddy's Girl. Known for her luminous performances in The Painter of the Wind and Shining Inheritance, Chae Won plays a spoiled daughter who must grow up for the sake of her beloved father. The large supporting cast includes many well-known faces, including Kpop stars Donghae (Super Junior) and Kang Min Hyuk (CN Blue) and veteran actor Park In Hwan. The drama combines romance, intrigue, tears and laughter in a heartwarming series that has something for everyone. When flighty, warm-hearted college student Eun Chae Ryung (played by Moon Chae Won) arrives home for vacation, the first thing she demands is a new bag and a cell phone. Sheltered by her devoted father (Park In Hwan) her whole life, Eun Chae is currently studying abroad at his expense. The father and daughter share a close relationship, even as he tries to restrain her high-maintenance ways. When her father is wrongly accused of a crime and collapses, Eun Chae begins to realize that he was the sensible rock holding her dysfunctional family together. As she faces various family enemies and struggles with financial and work worries, Eun Chae must rapidly grow up and learn to take care of others instead of continuing her sheltered existence. Meanwhile, two men, kind-hearted lawyer Hyuk Gi (Choi Jin Hyuk) and wealthy heir Jong Suk (Jun Tae Soo), fall for her and compete for her affections. Watch It's OK, Daddy's Girl online at DramaFever.