Recently, the Boys Over Flowers actress, Gu Hye Sun, proved that Guem Jan Di isn't the only one who loves water. The 33 year-old star has earned her certifications as an advanced diver. She shared the message "I'm an SDI advanced diver" with a series of photos out at sea, in her wetsuit and displaying her new licenses via social media.

Let's check out those photos now.

These are her impressive set of licenses proving that she can not only scuba dive but do so at night.

SDI 어드밴스드 다이버. 입니다^^

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Gu and her crew headed out to sea.


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She took selfies with her licenses, her instructor and even a photo of herself studying in a boat.


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Everyone looked great in their scuba wetsuits!


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Gu Hye Sun can add advanced scuba diver to her long list of accomplishments including actress, singer, director and artist. Of course, she is the proud wife of actor and model Ahn Jae Hyun. They met on the set of Blood in 2015 and wed the following year.

Would you love to get scuba diving lessons from Gu Hye Sun?

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