Best friends work for free! Gu Hye Sun and hairstylist Seo Yoon met in 2002 when Goo was just starting out as an advertisement model. They became close and maintained their friendship for thirteen years! Because of their sisterhood, the 31-year-old star agreed to pose for Chief's wedding pictorial free of charge.

"We created a youthful vibe through natural hairstyles rather than the normal wedding hairstyles like up-dos," Seo Yoon said about the photo shoot.

 "Hye Sun always had such a clear complexion and clean skin, so we went for the natural looking makeup. We just put a bit of emphasis on her lips."

The Angel Eyes actress looked heaven sent in her summer wedding gown with a cream-colored satin sash and her ballerina styled gown. The orange and cranberry wildflowers, soft beaded white crown, and simple veil completed each bridal look perfectly. All she needed was a partner.

Who would you love to see pose alongside Gu in upcoming wedding photo shoots? Also, what do you think of her kind gesture for her friend in this pictorial?  

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