Millions of fans may still view her only as Jan Di, the spirited girl who high-kicked and captured Lee Min Ho's heart in Boys Over Flowers, but Gu Hye Sun is also a talented writer, painter, and singer. She has even advanced into directing while continuing to act. Just in 2014 so far, Gu Hye Sun can be seen in these four unique projects which showcase her various talents and different images.

1.  Huh Nansulhun: Gu Hye Sun participated in this special documentary in many ways. She acted in the dramatized role of Huh Nansulhun, the best female poet during Korea's Joseon Dynasty. She also took part in the narration and production of the documentary.

(image: ygfamily)

2.  Angel Eyes: In this romance drama series, Gu Hye Sun played a young woman who regained her eyesight but had to rebuild her life without the young man she was in love with. She was also very lucky in starring with Lee Sang Yoon, who has a most beautiful dimpled smile.

(photo as tagged via pantip)

Watch Lee Je Hoon bring the tragic true story of Crown Prince Sado to life in historical drama Secret Door

3. Beatburger's "She So High" MV: Gu Hye Sun appeared with TVXQ's Changmin acting as a couple to dramatize a story of unfulfilled love in the beautifully filmed MV with a gentle melody. 

4. Daughter: Gu Hye Sun produced, wrote, directed, and acted in the lead role for her movie with a serious subject about a mother-daughter relationship. In early October, she attended the Busan International Film Festival, where her movie was invited to premiere. It is actually Gu's third movie following Magic (2010) and Peach Tree (2012).  

Here's the movie trailer:

Here's Gu Hye Sun in a fabulous gown at the Busan International Film Festival.

(photo as tagged via koreanpeople)

The year is not over yet, so what comes next for the versatile and talented Gu Hye Sun?

During a recent interview when she was asked about future plans, Gu said she plans to return to another drama. In the meantime, DramaFever has just started showing  Absolute Boyfriend, a delightful Taiwanese romance comedy from 2012 that is based on the popular Japanese manga by the same name. Gu Hye Sun played a young woman who has never had a boyfriend and, by sheer accident, ordered a dream boyfriend in the form of an android man played by Taiwanese actor-singer Jiro Wang. Her chemistry with Jiro Wang was instant the moment she pressed the "activation" button.

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